Super Size Me Film Worksheet Answers

Did you watch the movie “Super Size Me” and think “This is a great role”? If so, then you probably took away some good lessons about eating habits, changing your body, fitness and bodybuilding. This article was written with you in mind.

Let’s begin with the bad parts. The sad part about watching this movie is that there were parts where one had to laugh. The acting wasn’t very good and I didn’t want to think that one of the actors can really perform in front of a camera as well as he does on a screen. So, I will start with the good and move on to the bad.

Super Size Me Film Worksheet Answers as Well as Describing People Adjectives
Super Size Me Film Worksheet Answers as Well as Describing People Adjectives

In terms of the movie, it was about a reasonable bodybuilder who lost his dedication to his quest for perfection and went down the road of eating badly and gaining weight without any real plan. He realized after eating himself to death that it was all an accident and he should have made some sacrifices earlier. Instead, he was more focused on his results rather than on his body.

It sounds like a true story, but if it is true, it wouldn’t be much fun to watch at all. When people get this far, they will finally realize that their hunger and eating habits can cause a serious problem in their life.

After learning that losing a lot of weight was not worth it, it’s time to turn it around. First, you need to figure out what type of food you need to be eating every day. Next, you need to discover the best protein source you can find and follow that routine. After that, you need to follow a proper diet that will help you build muscle mass and lose fat while keeping your muscles and stomach in good shape.

Once you realize that gaining weight was not the answer, it’s time to turn your attention to other aspects of your life that need work. You may have forgotten that a single blunder in any part of your life can have drastic consequences.

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to go back to your bad choices once you realize that you have made a mistake. This will bring you even further down in the hole that you fell into. To climb back up, you need to learn from your mistakes, have a plan to make things right and most importantly, keep the faith in yourself alone.

If you made a mistake in watching the movie “Supersize Me”, don’t be afraid to own up to it and take charge of your life again. It’s not too late to start your journey back to health and fitness. Find out how we did it!