Divorce Property Division Worksheet

Each and every case is different, so you need to understand all the parts of a divorce property division worksheet that applies to your situation. You should know what you are getting into when you start talking about a divorce. You also need to know what you should expect when it comes to dividing up the things that you own. This worksheet will help you get organized, get started on a list of what is yours and help you decide how you want the rest of the stuff to be divided up.

In this worksheet, you will be listing the items that you want to be listed as your total ownership. The next section of the worksheet will deal with dividing that total ownership up. When listing your items, you will be listing them in the order in which they were received. A common rule of thumb is to list the oldest item first, then the one that came last and so on. You can either write them down in chronological order or make an order of the list as well.

When dividing up the items, it is important to list the items in categories that make sense to you. These categories can include money, clothes, investments, vacations, and anything else that are included in your current living arrangement. This can also be a good time to list the types of people who will have possession of the items.

It is also a good idea to list the legal name of each of the names on the worksheet. For example, if the spouse that has custody is named John Doe, you may want to put “John Doe’s Legal Name”John Doe’s Legal Name and Husband’s Legal Name” or something similar.

The person’s name that is listed on the worksheet should also be listed in the order in which they were given to the other person. In other words, if John Doe gave Jane Doethe ring, Jane Doe should be listed last. If Jane Doe gave the ring to John Doe, Jane Doe should be listed first.

The amounts are also a very important part of the worksheet. List the price that you paid for the items in all cases. If you do not have an exact amount, just say how much you spent. List how much you were able to spend and the actual price that you paid and divide that number by the total number of items that you own.

The last section of the worksheet deals with dividing up the remainder of the items that you own. Again, it is helpful to put the items in the order that they were received. Now you will list the item in ascending order and in descending order. This is so that you can keep the items at the same place throughout the worksheet.

A property division worksheet can be a great help in making sure that everything is in order before the court date. The worksheet will help you organize and know where everything is and will make it easier to go over at the trial date.