Henry and Mudge Under The Yellow Moon Worksheets

Henry and Mudge Under the Yellow Moon is a great picture book. It follows the adventures of Henry and Mudge, who have been playing around with magic spells since they were little children. The book captures all the excitement and spirit of these characters without overdoing it, thus leaving kids wanting to read more.

At first, Mudge and Henry are just two boys who met in the sandbox, but their friendship has grown and blossomed into something much more than just being good friends. The boys have been meeting up every day to play together and do something that the others do not want to do: read. One day, as the boys were playing around, they came up with a plan to perform an illusion together so that they could try to read from a book.

Henry and Mudge Under the Yellow Moon Worksheets or Secondgradefocuswalls Dr Seuss
Henry and Mudge Under the Yellow Moon Worksheets or Secondgradefocuswalls Dr Seuss

From there, things have only gotten better for Henry and Mudge. They found that they could start a new adventure every day when they read together, and no one was left out of the fun. And through this adventure, they learned much about friendship and what makes it so special.

Henry and Mudge Under the Yellow Moon worksheets give you ideas about the story. How do you know when it is time to reveal the clues? Who will act out the most?

When the boys first performed the illusion together, Mudge took his turn first. He wore the red hat of the magician to give himself a bit of an illusion. Then, he brought the book to his head with a magic spell.

They started by seeing how the book would open, then they played the book itself as if it were still in their hands. Finally, they turned to see how the book would close. Once they heard the “clang” of the final curtain, they both fell off their chairs.

They had to think of something else to do while they stood there waiting. What should Mudge do? He thought for a while, then decided to show Henry the book on his own. They both opened it in the same way, but the pages had become separate.

Mudge said, “Let’s change the pages.” He then stepped back, raised his wand, and spun it rapidly around the room. The pages quickly disappeared. It was a nice touch when he did this, because it looked like a pendulum swinging as he did it.