Ruminating Thoughts Worksheet

If you have ever had the experience of ruminating thoughts and symptoms that are almost unpleasant to be around, then this worksheet will be right up your alley. It may be that you have an overactive imagination or a disorganized mind that just does not allow you to concentrate on anything but your thoughts. This is what can happen when you think about it, I know I have experienced it many times. But here is a worksheet to help you deal with your problem and stay away from it.

A very unpleasant thing you do to yourself is this, you tell yourself you are never going to get a promotion or you will never make it as a lawyer, there is no chance. You will work hard but there will be no career for you. And the truth is nothing could be further from the truth. There are more people than ever before getting promotions and they are becoming lawyers at record levels.

I often wonder if the reason we are not encouraged to consider their career progress when they are in their teens is because they do not know where to look, they do not have anyone who will advise them. This worksheet will help you by giving you one item of advice each day. With all the problems a teenager has going on in their life, they should be doing something constructive.

No matter how much you want to try and keep that student up, it is probably a bad idea to allow them to get up. It is only a few steps that you will need to take and your student will get the message the next day. They will make the decision that they cannot make the decision on their own.

The real problem is that they are saying they cannot do something on their own and this is their own way of saying they cannot make a decision. This worksheet allows you to voice your own feelings to someone else. You are able to put those negative thoughts in their head and they will see that you are not really disagreeing with them. Then you will just have to wait and see what they do with that information.

Of course you have to let them know that you believe they made the right decision and you are not too pleased with the results. You will have to be patient, and it is worth waiting for their response. You can even wait until a few days after the decision has been made and then put in the same points. You will have to stay quiet though, you will need to avoid using words like “I think” etc.

The good thing about this worksheet is that you can be honest and your student can see you are sincere in what you say. After all, it is you that has had to make the choice and you have made it for yourself. That should give you some sort of comfort.

The other thing that helps to make the worksheet work is that it shows you the things that will be better off done in your own life. You are able to choose the activities you would rather do with your own time, and this can help your student to understand that they are not on their own and that you can help them out in any way you want. This could be from helping them with homework or helping them finish their first project, it is up to you, as they will be getting the idea that there is help around.